Kim disappointed, won't eat scorpion in China


PRATTVILLE, Ala. – Christina Kim was disappointed on multiple levels that the Imperial Springs China event was canceled.

Kim was psyching herself up to try a Chinese delicacy.

“I was going to eat a scorpion,” Kim said.


“Really,” she said. “You just go out in the street market, and they have all kinds of things on a stick. Moth cocoons on a stick, lizards on a stick. Players were eating grasshoppers on a stick when we were in Thailand.”

Kim, an American born of Korean descent, says she was brought up to be adventurous.

“I ate a fish eye when I was 5 years old,” Kim said. “My parents forced me to eat it. They said it would give me good vision.'

Didn't work, Kim said.

'I’m still plus 2.5, or whatever I am,” she said.