'Korean Tank' Choi releases autobiography


A sports icon in his native South Korea, K.J. Choi released an autobiography this week detailing his life and rise to prominence on the PGA Tour.

Entitled 'Korean Tank, Choi Kyung-ju,' the book touches upon his youth spent on Wan Island in South Korea as well as his introduction to the game of golf. Originally, requests for Choi to write the book were met with resistance.

'I didn't want to be seen to write a book just because I'm famous,' he explained in an interview Friday.

An eight-time winner on the PGA Tour, Choi became the first South Korean to earn a PGA Tour card in 1994 at age 23. The book describes his rise to prominence within the game, but also shares some of the life lessons Choi has garnered during his career.

'From the beginning, people were telling me that I should be disciplined and follow certain guidelines,' explained the 2011 Players champion. 'Don't fool around. Be devoted to the craft. Stay focused. Give back to the community. Pray.'

Although he now spends much of the year in Texas when not traveling to various Tour stops, Choi still returns to his native South Korea annually. He notes that he always tries to ensure that his behavior will make fellow South Koreans proud.

'On the PGA scoreboards, there's a flag next to your name.'