Kraft's caddie more than a bag toter


ERIN, Wis. – Kelly Kraft’s caddie did more than tote his bag in the U.S. Amateur Sunday at Erin Hills.

His longtime friend, Boston Brittain, planted the seed that made the championship triumph possible.

Kraft was in sixth grade when Brittain invited Kraft to play a round of golf at the Texas Women’s Course a few blocks from Kraft’s home. Brittain's father, Randy, took them both to play.

“Kelly and Boston have been friends since they were this high,” Kelly’s father, Tim Kraft, said holding his hand a little above his waist.

“Kelly had never golfed a day in his life, but he came home that day and he was instantly hooked on the game. Kelly was looking for something as a kid to grab onto. He was into soccer, but that didn’t work out. He was a pretty good baseball player, but he had some hip problems and couldn’t run that well and those sports didn’t work out. He tried hockey, but when he played golf, he knew he had found something.

“Kelly sought out the best players at that course, and he began hanging with them. He was just a kid, but he was hanging with guys 30 and 40 years old, learning what they knew.”<.p>

Brittain also was on Kraft’s bag when he won the Texas Amateur this summer.

“Whenever I start getting down on myself, he kicks me in the butt and tells me to get going,” Kraft said.