Magical moment


ST. ANDREWS, Scotland – On Friday evening I witnessed a great moment.

As I stood on the 1st hole, just by the burn, Tiger teed off on 18, the dusky light so gloomy there was no way the naked eye could follow the ball. Instead, its progress was relayed by the noise of the gallery. As the ball sailed towards the green and then the hole, the cheer from the gallery got louder and louder and louder until it reached a crescendo, the ball just missing the hole for an albatross.

I haven’t seen the video so I’m not sure how close it came, and I don’t want to because the noise created such a vivid picture in my mind.

When Tiger was on the green, Tom Watson came walking up the 18th. He told me afterwards, it would be, in all likelihood, the final time he would walk up 18 in an Open Championship at St. Andrews.

He stood on the Swilken Bridge and waved to his people, shouts of “we love you Tom” rang out across the expansive fairway, fueled by passion, respect and an afternoon of indulgence. It was a scene that will never be replicated from two of the greatest who will ever grace the old lady.