My favorite week of the year


Before I went to sleep last night I set my DVR to record all four rounds of the Open Championship. Come on, a 4 a.m. ET start time? Seemed just a tad too early to tune-into live. Seemed.

Hands down British Open week is my favorite golf week of the year. I love the Masters and the beauty of the vibrant greens and stunning pinks that paint Augusta National in the budding spring. And I love watching our country’s national championship that finds its way to some of the most stunning and demanding venues in the United States. The U.S. Open was the first major championship I attended and it’s the one that I have returned to the most which also earns it a special place in my heart.

But I’ve never been to the British. And despite a trip to Scotland a few years ago, I’ve never been to St. Andrews.

Maybe it’s because the British Open is foreign to me that I am so drawn to it. Maybe because it is unlike the golf in the States that we watch week in and week out on Tour. Perhaps it’s because the major season has come to its climax and so many storylines have had the opportunity to evolve over the span of the first-half of the year. Or maybe I’m entranced by it simply because it is the oldest championship we have – one that's seeped in history and drips with prestige.

Likely it’s a combination of it all. And despite the fact that my alarm was set for 6 a.m. sharp, I was awake at 4. Still snuggled in warm under my covers I flipped on my TV and lay there soaking in the dreamy quality of the Open Championship and the mystique that envelops it. Watching golf on TV doesn’t get much better.