New Take


First pitch of the World Series tonight! Not thrilled with Rangers vs. Giants? Still wishing for the big-boy Yankees and Phillies? You'll probably also go nuts if we end up with Oregon vs. Boise State or even Boise State vs. TCU.

As sports fans, we're always forced to adjust our thinking about what's compelling – ditto for golf fans.

Jonathan Byrd's ace to win may or may not be the greatest shot to win a PGA Tour event, but it sure wasn't bad given that Yankee Tiger and Philly Phil wouldn't sniff a Fall Series event if the scent came from the U.S. Mint.

This year, among other things, we've had to 'settle' for Rory McIlroy's Sunday 62, Bubba Watson's great shot in a playoff at Travelers, Stuart Appleby's 59 to win at Greenbrier, Matt Kuchar at the Barclays, Rocco Mediate’s win in a sea of drama at the and now Byrd's hole-out-finish in Vegas.

In golf, you can roll the dice every year wishing for Sundays filled with Yankees vs. Phillies, but when they don't come and you have to settle, Giants and Rangers aren't too bad are they?