Ogilvy right for wrong reasons


Geoff Ogilvy says Tiger Woods should face the media before he returns to tournament golf out of respect for his fellow players, “to diffuse the circus” that would accompany his return to the PGA Tour. Is Ogilvy right?

Yes, Ogilvy is right, but for the wrong reasons. Woods should face the media if he cares about the healing it will help bring to a public that feels invested in him. He should do it out of respect for golf fans who feel defrauded and betrayed. Woods shouldn’t do it to spare fellow pros the inconvenience a media circus would bring to a PGA Tour event. That’s secondary. Woods helped make so many of his colleagues rich. There’s a larger purpose served in Woods doing public penance before he returns to tournament golf.

As much ill will as Woods has created, there are a lot of folks who will root for his redemption. Meeting with the media helps set that transition in motion. It will serve as a powerful act of contrition if it’s sincerely delivered. There’s a show of respect for the game doing it away from the site of his return to golf.

Woods may not believe he owes us anything. Maybe he doesn’t. The bottom line, though, is that his pursuit of Jack Nicklaus’ major championship record will be a colder journey if he doesn’t invite us along in some meaningful way. The celebration of something spectacular won’t feel as good. Woods can change that by reaching out before he resumes his journey.