Only the Young


As a child of the 80s one of my favorite groups is Journey. Whenever possible I love to crank up “Don’t Stop Believin” on my computer. Charlie Rymer, being a country music guy, immediately leaves the newsroom acting like his ears are bleeding.

There is another song by Journey that reminded me of the golf we all saw on Sunday. It’s called “Only the Young.” Given the winners, it is appropriate. Check out the list of winners from Sunday on major tours:

Jiyai Shin
Ai Miyazato
Ryo Ishikawa
Alvaro Quiros
Rory Mcilroy

Of those five winners on Sunday, Quiros is the oldest at the age of 27. With Tiger Woods creeping closer to his mid-30s and Phil Mickelson less than two months away from turning 40, I turn to a lyric from Steve Perry and the guys

“In the shadows of a golden age
A generation waits for dawn
Brave carry on
Bold and the strong
Only the young can say”

Golf fans are welcoming these youthful stars with “Open Arms” and it looks like they will be there “Faithfully.” Rock on, Journey!