Open auditions


LEMONT, Ill. – No secret in these parts that Cog Hill officials want a U.S. Open and they have proven they will do anything to get the national championship, including a nip/tuck at the hand of “Open Doctor” Rees Jones before this year’s BMW Championship.

If early play is any indication, Dubsdread is playing plenty hard enough to please U.S. Golf Association types. Exhibit A: the par-4 fifth hole has been stretched to 509 mean yards and is playing the toughest on property with a 4.272 scoring average. And if all that wasn’t enough to woo the blue jackets, on Thursday Tiger Woods hit driver/fairway wood to the well-guarded putting surface.

The world No. 1 may not be as young as he once was, but one would probably have to go back to his Cypress, Calif. youth to find a par 4 that required a driver/fairway wood combo from Woods.