Padraig Harrington Thinking Too Much


The Irish had plenty about which to cheer following 22-year-old amateur Shane Lowry's shocking victory in the 3 Irish Open.
But should there be cause for concern regarding the country's greatest golfing product, Padraig Harrington?
Harrington missed the cut this past week in his National Open and doesn't have a top-10 in 10 starts this season on the PGA Tour, including a tie for 35th at the Masters.
Harrington has admitted that he has been working very hard at improving his game, on the heels of a double-major campaign in 2008.
He wants to get better. And so he tinkers. And he over-thinks.
You can only improve so much, until you reach your peak potential. And then all of the changes just lead to your downfall.
Harrington's not there yet, but even his sports psychologist, Bob Rotella, is begging him to stop thinking so much and just play the game that won him three major titles.