Perrys big decision


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Defending Phoenix Open champion Kenny Perry says, at 49, he’s finally losing some zip on his fastball. I was taken aback. After all, this is the guy who’d won big in his late 40s and looked as though he could win into his 50s. 

“Yeah, I’ve lost like 10 yards on my tee ball,” he said. “I can even hear a difference in the sound of the ball coming off the club. It’s like one day you can see real good and then boom the next day you need bifocals.”

His wife, Sandy, told him he needed to hit the gym for the first time in his life so now Kenny is faced with a difficult decision.

“Do I lose 20 pounds and stay out here, or drift off onto the Champions Tour and have fun?” said Perry, who turns 50 in August. “I’m going to play some on the Champions Tour. If my wife likes it, we’ll play more on The Champions Tour.”

I reminded Kenny that it seems as though Fred Couples is enjoying his rookie season with the over-50 set.

“What do you mean he’s enjoying it?” Perry joked. “He shoots a million under and loses to Watson and then shoots a million under again and only wins by one.”