Pillow talk


ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. – Joe Durant is no stranger to injuries. The veteran has dealt with everything from a balky wrist to a chronic neck problem in his career but last month’s setback was a first.

Following his tie for 20th at the Viking Classic Durant went home to Pensacola, Fla., took a week off to move into a new house and planned to start practicing again the week of the Deutsche Bank Championship only to get bounced back to the DL by a “new pillow injury.”

“My neck is so fragile that I just slept on it wrong with a new pillow and really couldn’t do anything,” he said.

All total Durant took five weeks off without hitting a golf ball, all which makes his current tie for second at the McGladrey Classic that much more surprising to everyone except Durant.

“I’ve been playing well all year it’s just a matter, like on the last hole (No. 18), of making the little putts that you need to make,” he said.

And avoiding those debilitating “pillow injuries.”