At The Players lets bring fun back


PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – Tiger's presence and Phil's re-emergence over the last month have put lots of eyeballs on golf and the PGA Tour. That's a really good thing if you can take advantage of it.

A few weeks ago one of golf's prominent analysts observed that when you watch golf on the PGA Tour, on TV or in person, it looks like nobody's having fun. For the most part there are more frowns than smiles, blank stares and mostly blank emotion, he said. So I paid real close attention for an hour of a telecast. He was right.

In a tough economy with rounds of golf down across the board, that's not good. So this week at The Players Championship, how about we try to make golf appear fun. Let's make people enjoy watching. Let's try to be performers and not just players.

Hey, is there a spot in the field for Lee Trevino?