Poulters offseason research


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Match Play winner Ian Poulter attributes his improvement to some simple research.

“My caddie and I sat down at the start of the year,” he said. “We wanted to see where we needed to improve and so we looked at my stats.”

But they didn’t just look at Poulter’s statistics, they compared his numbers with nine other players of similar caliber playing similar schedules.

“We learned that we were fantastic from 8 feet and in, but we were very average from 15 to 25 feet,” he said. “And we also saw that we needed work from inside 100 yards.

“If you would’ve asked me what the strength of my game is I would’ve said from 100 yards and in.  It’s amazing how you can play and not know it.”

So Poulter made changes, and it wasn’t so much technical as it was sharpening his focus in those areas and putting more emphasis on them in practice sessions. The results over the last month have been impressive. The lesson is, do your homework kids.