Price: 'Very tall order' for Woods to catch, surpass Nicklaus


Add three-time major winner Nick Price to the growing list of players who believe Tiger Woods will not match or surpass Jack Nicklaus‘ 18 major wins.

Speaking with KILT in Houston, Price said, “I think he will get his game back and he will win again and he’ll probably win a major or two again, but it’s going to be a very tall order to beat Jack’s record now.”

Price expounded upon the point made by Luke Donald and Nick Faldo in recent interviews, saying Woods had lost his mental edge.

The problem is not all confidence, Price added. He believes Woods has serious flaws in his swing that need to be corrected.

“He does need to address a lot of issues with his golf swing. Having seen him play the last three or four years, he just basically is not hitting the ball where he is aiming it. That’s the worst thing that can possibly happen to a golfer,” Price said.

Woods acknowledged the problem after he missed the cut at the PGA Championship, suggesting his ball flight no longer matches his expectations for how he used to work the ball.

Price said when Woods begins to feel his mechanics are fixed, then he can begin to bolster his confidence.

“When he starts addressing some of his swing issues and starts hitting the ball a little bit better I think you will see the competitive instinct come back out in him, but I don’t think he’s gonna dominate like he did before.”