The fascinating world of Bubba


PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – I spent some time up on the range at The Players late this morning. Each player tackles their pre-round warmup differently. Some guys are quiet and some guys like to chat it up a bit. As an announcer it's my job to get information from players and the obvious priority is to make sure I'm not a distraction.

Folks that know me understand that not being a distraction isn't one of my strengths. So I try to hang with the guys that like to talk and stay away from the players that don't. Bubba Watson is always approachable and we had a nice chat. Our subject was football and we are on opposing sides when it comes to that game. Bubba is a Georgia man and I'm a Georgia Tech man. We didn't fight today but it may come down to that at some point in the future.

It's fascinating to watch him warm up. No two shots are the same. Bubba hits everything from a high hook to a low slice. It's almost like watching a trick shot exhibition. It's particularly interesting to watch him play shots with the driver. Because of Bubba's extreme length he seldom has the opportunity to bang a big one straight away. Most of his drives are off-speed sliders with a good bit of curve. You can learn a lot by watching him practice and play.

Next time you head to the range try to hit some crazy curvy shots. You might learn something about your swing or possibly figure out a shot you didn't think was possible. It might even make the game more fun. And after all that's what playing this game is all about.