The Joy of Els


Covering golf, we're always reminded, ‘Don't root for the player, root for the story.’

Sunday, we got both in Ernie Els, who in my 15 years at Golf Channel has been consistently cooperative and cordial and rarely confrontational.

Given that he's probably tossed away as many majors as he's won, and given the number of Tiger questions he's been asked over the years, you could expect the ‘Big Easy’ to become a big pain in the you-know-what. But he hasn't.

As for his game, a few years ago he offered up a three-year plan to catch Tiger. Never happened. And going into 2010, a plan of any kind to catch even Steve Stricker was probably a big reach.

Is Els back? I hope so, because Els at his best is compelling. Els at his best – and you can't say this about very many – is good for the game.

So for me, I really hope the CA victory leads to more big tournament leaderboards where we ... c-him!