The miracle of life


Erik Compton stopped by our table at dinner last night, thanked us for our coverage and asked Nick Faldo for help in lining up his 70-yard wedge shots. Nick downed the all-world Italian apple doughnuts we were feasting on and gladly obliged. Who doesn’t want to help Compton get better?

His family is grateful, and knows whatever success Erik achieves is by no means his alone.

“There is a mother right now that lost her son Isaac who gave Erik his heart,” his mother Eli once told me. “And my heart reaches out to her because that family saved Erik’s life.

Erik’s heart, his second, came from a young man named Issac, a standout athlete in his mid-20s who was killed in a hit and run while on a motor bike.

“I just said to God, ‘you can either take me now or whoever save my life is with you,” said Erik. “So I thought it was ironic that I get a heart from a guy who’s name was Issac. He was an All-American volleyball player, strong, physically fit. I mean the doctors said you got the heart of a real athlete. I feel mixed emotions because he’s not here and for whatever reason that’s how God has it.”

As people watch and pull for Erik, Eli, his mother, urges them to remember the profound nature of both sides of organ donation. “There’s tragedy and there’s life, the miracle of life.”