Trump sues Scottish government over wind farm


Concerned by its recent decision to approve an 11-turbine wind farm near one of his courses, real estate mogul Donald Trump is taking the Scottish government to court.

Plans for the wind farm, which will take nearly $350 million to build near Aberdeen in the northeast part of the country, were recently approved by Scottish officials. According to Trump, the construction as proposed will interfere with seaside views for golfers at his sprawling Trump International Golf Links resort in nearby Balmedie.

'The legal process started yesterday and I plan on proceeding for as long as required, irrespective of cost,' Trump said Thursday as part of a released statement. 'We will not allow the Scottish Government or any other party to undermine what we have created at Trump International Golf Links and look forward to progressing the development further once this battle is behind us.'

According to a government spokesman, the proposed wind farm could generate up to £7 billion ($10.7 billion) for the Scottish economy while supporting up to 28,000 jobs directly, and an additional 20,000 indirectly, by 2020.

'It's kind of sad to think that Trump has nothing better to do than use his billions to try and undermine Scotland's ambition of becoming a cleaner, greener, job-creating nation,' explained WWF Scotland director Lang Banks. 'He may be happy wasting his own money. But, defending his legal action is likely to cost the Scottish taxpayer too.'

According to an AP report, Trump plans to argue that his company was not given a fair hearing and that the government appeared to have a financial stake in the wind farm project, creating a bias against him.