Turning point for Wie


I am incredibly impressed with what I am seeing from Michelle Wie. She seems to be genuinely enjoying golf and for awhile that is something I didn’t think I would see again. I’m glad to see her paired with Christina Kim – Christina will force her to have fun. 

You can’t work at a game –golf has to be played.

The time Michelle has spent with Dave and Ronnie Stockton seems to really be paying off with the putter. She has flow to her routine and isn’t locked down in mechanics. I honestly feel this week will be a huge springboard for Michelle. She seems to be fitting in socially and is becoming very comfortable with her peers. I think from this point forward she will begin to rapidly fulfill her potential and I’m going to be shocked if she doesn’t have several wins between now and the end of the year. 

Years from now we may very well be saying that the 2009 Solheim Cup was the turning point in Wie’s career.