Were getting lost amid the Tiger speculation


Today I opened up the papers, and guess what, Tiger is on the front pages. Back from more counseling and reportedly hitting golf balls.

And so it is, here we go to the Florida Swing with four very good events and four standout courses. But do you really think the tournaments will be able to stand out? I wonder. Tiger flat out said he will return to golf someday, he just doesn’t know when that day will be.

The problem is, nobody can leave it as that. And nobody wants the surprise, which is a shame. Go get ready, because we’ll spend an unfortunate amount of time being bombarded by “sources” and those hoping to remain anonymous, those who think they know and want you to believe they know.

People are already asking if he can win the Masters. We don’t even know if he’s playing. So please, stop the madness, let’s rev up the Honda and give it its due. It’s turned into a really good tournament. But with all this Tiger stuff in the papers, I’m afraid it’s going to get lost.

Heck, this morning I couldn’t even remember who won the Hope.