When life hands you lemons


ORLANDO, Fla. – Driving through the Bay Hill neighborhood this morning, I passed a little girl setting up a lemonade stand in her front yard. With the temperatures expected to reach 80 today, I imagine she’ll get some good business from the spectators and tournament personnel crossing by her front lawn to get onto the course.

Now the words “iced tea” were not drawn out in marker on her homemade sign, and both lemonade and unsweetened tea are necessary to serve up an Arnold Palmer, the signature drink this week out at Bay Hill. But as they say “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Perhaps that’s somewhat literally just what this little girl was doing since her typically quiet street has been taken over by the tournament circus that’s in town.

And perhaps that’s figuratively what Davis Love III is doing this week as well. He’s trying to whip up the lemonade for his Arnold Palmer after his last two seasons playing the Florida Swing have handed him nothing but lemons, which have left him with an icy tee, and kept him from driving down Magnolia Lane.

Through two rounds this week Love has remained in contention at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, where in 20 previous starts he’s yet to lift the King’s trophy, but has finished runner-up three times. This year, getting the win is likely the only way for Love to receive one of the last invitations from Augusta National for this year’s Masters. It’s possible that the lemons he’s been handed in the past are what’s helping him make the lemonade he’s mixing up this week. And that may be the missing ingredient in his Arnold Palmer, a drink that happens to go quite nicely with those pimento cheese sandwiches they have up the road in Augusta.