Which Tiger swing comes with his new app?


Apple picked an interesting time to debut its Tiger Woods swing app, available on iPad and iPod for $10. As I tweeted earlier, you could walk 25 yards into the woods, drop a ball on the dirt and get the same effect, but what I'm really wondering is, which one of Red Shirt's swings was chosen to be the Apple of our eye?

Is it the Butch Tiger, which could set app sales records even at $99.99? The Hank Tiger, which fights back against dissenters and is proven to be trophy-friendly? Or the Dr. Foleystein Tiger, which should probably come with a ball retriever and profanity censor?

Hey, it's all in good fun, this chance to match your own move with that of the 14-time major champion. Just don't forget to yell 'FORE' when they swipe your credit card.