Why I love Augusta National


Bobby Jones was one of the greatest golfers of all time and his record is there for all to admire and for those with the talent and interest to chase. Records, though, are written in books and on walls and tell us what someone did; they don’t tell us who that person was.

Brandel Chamblee will be in the booth with Rich Lerner calling Friday action of the Honda Classic that begins at 2:30 p.m. ET on Golf Channel.

In an era where we look constantly at our athletes for signs that they not only appreciate their talents but their responsibilities as role models, we are often disappointed. It is in my opinion, that the athletes of today miss that mark because they don’t understand what’s expected of them beside their obligation to perform. Bobby Jones knew what was expected of him and he gave more. He knew that to win without arrogance and to lose without being obsequious was the essence of grace and the heart of this game. That was his legacy.

Clifford Roberts was a man who put life’s puzzles together and he was good at it. Business deals born of hard work and cloaked in honesty brought him into the company of Bobby Jones. Together they gave us golf’s greatest treasure, the Masters.

It is the place where golf goes to renew friendships, make new friends, talk of the players, past, present and future and to bathe in the history and the traditions of this game. It also sets a standard for comportment both in its patrons and in the way that it is presented. These standards were set, by both Mr. Jones and Mr. Roberts because they knew that just as time fades a painting, it diminishes the scope of a man’s impact.

Augusta National and the tournament held there every spring gives us a reason to love this game and a place to be reminded of our responsibilities as custodians of it, to carry on the ideals of the men who founded it.