Wie near perfect in Solheim debut


Now that Michelle Wie has finished off a near-perfect Solheim debut, you have to think about the immediate future. Those who’ve found a way to keep a good player down might joke that Wie will use this performance to state a new goal: Ryder Cup pick in 2010.  But in all seriousness, Wie has to have made believers out of everyone. Most importantly her teammates and LPGA counterparts who’d always found a way to keep her in her proper place.

She had no problem being a part of a team and in many ways, Wie became the face of the team.  In my mind she’s the face of the team for years to come. And one thing that didn’t get touched on much this week is how easy she seems to be to partner with. For all his victories Tiger Woods seems to be a tough draw for a teammate in Cup competitions.  He’s the greatest player but tough to find a comfort level with – or so it seems.  Wie seems like the perfect partner.  After this week, it’s tough to say anything about her wasn’t “perfect.”