Winners all around at Memorial


Was it just me or did the PGA Tour end up a big winner last week at the Memorial? It could have been a wash with bad weather hovering around Muirfield Village all week. Instead we saw perhaps the future of the game right before our eyes.

Good for Justin Rose, who finally got what everyone knew he’d get. He’s a class act and he’s probably ready for a few more wins in short order.

And then there’s Rickie Fowler. In eight months he’s grabbed some spots, gathered his game, grabbed the spotlight and grown into one of the Tour’s best. At 21 he doesn’t seem afraid of anything. Not winning, not losing, not wearing loud clothes and not being too friendly with the fans.

To me, Rickie’s an Oklahoma State Cowboy with a Harvard degree on spectator hospitality. What stood out most? Handslapping and high-fiving the fans at every opportunity in the heat of contention. Fowler gets it. “See the people, be the people.”

Ask Phil Mickelson. Along the way to stardom, embracing the public is really a good road to take.