Wish you were here the weather is beautiful


HONOLULU – Hawaii is a beautiful place and the people here are equally as beautiful with their generosity and kindness. Everywhere you go, you're greeted with a smile. Everywhere you go, you're treated as if you're a friend. Everywhere you go, you're treated so well you can't help but want to come back.

Tourism has taken a big hit everywhere in this country because of a down economy. And it's completely understandable that people aren't taking trips and spending money the way they used to when economic times were better. But if you have the means and have always wanted to either come here for a first time or enjoy a repeat visit, do it.

The islands are gorgeous. The food is fantastic. The nightlife, shopping and beaches are as good as any this country offers.

But for all its beauty, it's the people who make Hawaii special.

We're very fortunate to be able to come out here the first two weeks of the year, every year. Hope to see you out here next year!