Bubba Claus brings joy to your heart, pain to your ears


Sometimes when successful bands reach the end of their run, it marks the beginning of a terrific solo career for one or more of the members. Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 come to mind. John Lennon, George Harrison and Paul McCartney all had successful careers after the Beatles broke up. Even Beyonce started out with Destiny’s Child. 

Let's be clear: the Golf Boys are not one of those bands.

Bubba Watson - who had a good thing going this holiday season where he was giving away signed memorabilia through his "Bubba Claus" Twitter contest - decided to take the logical next step in spreading Christmas joy by releasing a rap video.

The two-time Masters champion dropped Bubba Claus "The Single" on the world Tuesday, in which he dances around wearing a Santa get-up, with a masked elf and everyone's holiday favorite, Gumby, in tow. All this while "rapping" classic lines such as: "No sled, no beard, no reindeer / I might come deliver gifts on a John Deere."

Look out Pandora Holiday Music station, you're about to get updated, and you're not going to like it.