Jackson: Trump knows me, arranged golf with Clinton


One of the first golf-related feuds of 2016 has taken another turn. 

In case you haven't been paying attention, here is where things stand between veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson and presidential candidate Donald Trump. Jackson claimed in a recent interview that Trump both cheats at golf and charged him membership fees for a club to which he wasn't a member.

Trump fired back, as Trump is known to do, with a tweet denying any personal relationship with Jackson:

The latest development came Tuesday on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," where Jackson was a guest and explained that Trump not only knew him, but arranged a golf date between the actor and former President Bill Clinton:

"And when I got there, it was President Clinton ... Who could also verify that Donald Trump knows me," Jackson said. "Don did show up and he took Bill in and bought him a jacket and gave me nothing."

For good measure, Jackson also briefly posted a screenshot of his purported bill from Trump National Bedminster, although the post was later deleted because it included his home address.

Stay tuned for more updates on a story that shows that tournament golf can't return fast enough.