Thanksgiving feast players as dishes


For Thanksgiving – we prepare T-Day meal –

Turkey: Tiger Woods – Always the star of the show. The only difference? Tiger will never put you to sleep. He is the anti-tryptophan.

Ham: John Daly – Not only is he big like a ham, he is one of the best when acting like a ham. ????????

Stuffing: Phil Mickelson – Simply put – he can stuff it. Whether that be a crazy eagle, a mind-boggling birdie, a not-so-ho-hum par, a foolish bogey or a head-scratching double bogey - Lefty stuffs it whole-heartily.

Mashed potatoes: Rory McIlroy – No potato famine here. Just a solid bowl of satisfying mashed potatoes. Filling. Delicious. Dependable for years and years to come.

Cranberry sauce: Rickie Fowler

Corn: Bubba Watson – As in ... corny. Ba-da-bing.??????

Green bean casserole: G-Mac – Kinda weird, kinda kooky. Certainly kinda delicious.

Warm rolls with butter: Adam Scott –

Pumpkin pie: Phil Mickelson – Is there anyone that makes you smile more than Lefty? Like it has been for the last 15 years, Tiger and Phil have been the best two things – the turkey and the pumpkin pie – in golf.

Pecan pie: