Brittanys Soft Approach


That was some finish to the Kraft Nabisco Championship on Sunday. And one very courageous shot by Brittany Lincicome. Not only did she need to make eagle on the 72nd hole to win the tournament, but she had to post a birdie to have a chance at even making a playoff. Under the circumstances, it was one heck of a golf shot!
The one thing I like about the hybrid club in that situation is that it allows you to swing more aggressively. You can really strike down on the ball, which is much easier to do than sweeping it off the turf under pressure. Brittany went after the ball hard with her 22-degree hybrid and, with a little help from the back slope on the 18th green, put it four feet from the hole.
The mistake amateurs typically make with their hybrids is they play the ball too far forward in their stance, as if they were hitting a 5-wood. This creates a flatter angle of approach into the ball and not the descending strike you need to launch the ball high into the air, as Brittany did. Your hybrids are shorter and more similar in length to your irons than your woods; therefore, the lie angle is steeper and so is your angle of attack. Position the ball further back in your stance, as if you were hitting a 5-iron, and you’ll make the right golf swing and hit the ball more solidly.