Baby Steps


It’s usually a good idea to pay attention to what you’re paying attention to.  I’m waking now in the morning to thoughts of the Long Drive.  

Vic has done all the big start up stuff and Dan has been handling critical missions like setting the route and the selecting the vehicle. He digs deep. He presents alternatives. He recommends with solid support. He delivers his reports with the skill and tone of an audit partner.

I have been given a couple of small duties. It seems less is expected of me. “Why don’t you think up some interesting topics for us to discuss on the road.” Vic says. Or, “If you feel you need a satellite phone then figure out the deal.” These are training tasks. The fledgling stuff dads give their sons to do to build their confidence.

The phone rental was a no-brainer. I made a contact. I presented my findings. My two dads were quick to praise. “Nice job, Jimbo. Way to go.” I’m sure I’ll earn a place at the adult table but I’m in no rush.


Jim Thompson, Our Longest Drive Traveler