Quotes of the Week


“I kind of wish I would have known it was for history.”  Steve Stricker, after missing a 10-foot birdie putt at No. 18 on Thursday at Atlanta Athletic Club that would have given him the first-ever 62 in a major. He missed, shot 63, and became the 25th player to shoot 63 in a major championship and the 11th in the PGA Championship.

“We felt like our hearts had been ripped out. … It’s a little like cutting yourself with a razor on your wedding day.”  Ken Mangum, head groundskeeper at Atlanta Athletic Club, after an unfortunate mowing accident Wednesday evening of the PGA Championship that left marred spots on the greens at 14 and 17.

“It’s great for the PGA. It’s terrific. It’s in great shape. It’s difficult. It’s challenging. There’s some really hard holes, and there’s some birdie holes. And I think it’s a great site for the PGA. … But I also think if you look at the four par 3s here, it’s a perfect example of how modern architecture is killing the game, because these holes are unplayable for the member.”  Phil Mickelson, on his opinion of Atlanta Athletic Club’s Highlands Course and how it’s just too difficult a track for members and average players.

“It was dangerous. … I thought if I could make contact with the ball and just let the club go, I might get away with it. You know, in hindsight it would have been better to chip out sideways.”  Rory McIlroy, reflecting on his decision to hit his ball that was resting against a tree root on his third hole of the 93rd PGA Championship.

“They said, ‘It's your decision; if you want to play on and you feel comfortable doing that, but if not, there's no point in risking it. … It's the last major of the year. I've got, what, six or seven months to the Masters. So I might as well try and play through the pain and get it over and done with.” – McIlroy, again, on why he decided to continue playing after he hurt his right forearm Thursday. 

“I’m not down. I’m really angry right now. There’s a lot of words I can use beyond that.” – Tiger Woods, Friday, after missing only his third cut ever in a major championship, after rounds of 77-73 at Atlanta Athletic Club.

“It’s a step back in the sense I didn’t make the cut. … But it’s a giant leap forward in that I played two straight weeks and I’m healthy. It’s going to be great for my practice sessions coming up. Now I’ll be able to work and get after it.” – Woods, again, on his excitement to spend some quality time working with swing coach Sean Foley. The two celebrated their one-year anniversary of working together at the PGA Championship.

“Tiger is a bit like myself. … If you don’t like what you’re doing you lose confidence, but anyone else would think it was a great swing.” – Padraig Harrington, who was paired with Woods for Rounds 1 and 2 of the 93rd PGA Championship. 

“I gained two pounds yesterday out there, drinking. There’s a thing in the Tour physio bus that measures it. I went in before that and I went in afterwards and I gained two pounds.” – Harrington, again, referring to the extra water weight he packed on in Round 1 of the PGA Championship because of difficulty finding bathrooms on the course.

“Look, we’ve had our chat about the whole thing, and he feels the way he feels. … I just took what he said, again, as confidence for me. If he really feels that was one of his great wins, then I’m kind of flattered, and it fills me with confidence. I think that’s what his intention is, to be honest.” – Adam Scott, commenting on recently acquired full-time caddie Steve Williams and his comments to the media after the duo’s win at last week’s WGC-Bridgestone Invitational.