Woods Has Awakened


2010 U.S. Open

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. – Johnny Miller doesn’t own the patent on smart commentary. Said an associate in our suddenly highly-charged production truck, “Guarantee this is the best day Tiger’s had since November.”

When Woods holed the putt at 16, he unleashed his first legitimate fist pump since the scandal broke. The follow up at 17 brought the crowds to a boil, and it felt like Saturday at Torrey Pines all over again.

“Normal service has been resumed,” cracked Ken Schofield, Golf Channel analyst.     

And about the time Woods hammer-cut the 18th hole 3-wood as majestic as any creature flying over the ocean, fading Phil Mickelson hit his fourth shot at the ninth right-handed, a stunning turnaround to say the least.

Think now how the view of Woods will change in this we-love-winners world if he restores the order he shattered like so many records he’d broken 10 years ago.

At a minimum, the complexion of the championship changed when he returned a score of 5-under 66.

If the leaders caught a break when those called-for winds never materialized, they may turn out to be unlucky with the arrival of another force of nature.  Dormant for months, Tiger awakened on Saturday of the 110th U.S. Open.