Martin's Blog - Chapter 11: Keys on the Greens


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Cliff Notes
-Sports psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella works with professional golfers with a collective 74 Major victories and was a special guest this week. In his new book “The Unstoppable Golfer” he discusses a number of tips to improve your putting. Dr. Rotella recommends becoming more indifferent about the outcome of the putt and having acceptance, regardless of the result. In his new book he also says the ball already knows what you're thinking, so focus on getting your head in the right place before getting over the ball. Dr. Rotella says being your own best friend and cheerleader is the key to becoming looser and freer as the round goes on.

-There are four keys that are important to being successful on the greens: setup, balance, putting on a path and hitting the ball square. Don't forget to use some props or gadgets when practicing putting, they're also known as 'external keys.' Since you're not actively thinking about them, they improve your game more than 'internal keys' or mental putting thoughts.

-Gripping the putter is an important part of making a successful putting stroke. Make sure the palms are calm and the fingers are fast. In other words, grip the putter in the palm of your hands by placing your hands on each side of the grip. Make sure you can see your thumbs flat on top of the grip.

Viewer Question (Facebook Exclusive)
Q: Based on your show on driving it farther, I began to do a right spine tilt to have more of an upward swing off the tee. I used to have a consistent mild draw prior to this, now I am fading or duck hooking off the tee. Any issues related to this new tilt associated with less control? (Mark Scott)

A: Sounds like you’re staying in that tilt too long without rotating through the ball. Try to get your belt buckle and shirt buttons to face the target sooner in the forward swing just after impact.

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“The Unstoppable Golfer' by Dr. Bob Rotella

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