Martin's Blog - Chapter 20: Guide to Proper Practice


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Cliff Notes
-It is important to understand the difference between practice and warm-up. Practice is where you work on your swing and it can be very technical. Warm-up is stretching your muscles, getting loose and ready to go.

-For practice to be effective you need accurate, immediate feedback. This could be a teacher, training aid, video or something else. All research shows that those who use feedback get better quicker. You need to create good habits and you can't control them by feel alone.

-There is a difference between deliberate practice and ball bashing. Deliberate practice is highly demanding, it's not much fun and needs to be done on a regular basis.

Martin’s Library
'Power Golf' by Ian Woosnam

Homework Assignement
-Use Feedback When You Practice
-Understand the Difference Between Practice and Warm-up

Next Week’s Show
Chapter 21: How to Handle the Wind (August 15, 2012)
-Martin will teach you how to play all four wind directions with your woods and irons
-Martin share which PGA TOUR player is easiest to model your swing after
-Holly Sonders will help answer viewer questions throughout the show
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