Martin's Blog - Chapter 5: Setup for Success


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Cliff Notes
-A bad setup makes a good swing very difficult. Three components go into a good setup: alignment, ball position and posture. For alignment, make sure to aim the club face first, then get the body into position. Ball position varies from player to player but a general rule is to put the ball on your front leg instep. A drill for the proper position is hold a club against your sternum and belt buckle at the same time then bend over. That is the correct address position. Take the time to master the setup, because practice makes permanent.

-Have trouble hitting the ball on the toe? Well, chances are that your swing is too vertical. You need to flatten out your swing to find the center of the club face. Have trouble hitting the ball on the heel? Chances are your swing is too flat. You need to get your swing on more of a vertical path.

-If you bend down too much over the ball you will have an in-to-out swing and if you stand up too tall over the ball you will have an out-to-in swing. Make sure you have a correct posture over the ball to insure the correct swing plane.

Facebook Question from The Class
Q: Lately I'm having a lot of trouble not taking divots and thus hitting it very thin. Any tips to stay down on the ball? (Levi Satterlee)

A: It probably isn’t a stay down issue. It’s probably a lead arm pulling up issue. Try as you follow-through to push the hands away from the turning chest. That should do it.

Martin’s Library
“Advanced Golf' by Greg Norman

Homework Assignment
-Put Clubs Down When You Practice For Aim
-Develop an Aim and Setup Routine for Every Shot

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