Martin's Blog - Chapter 19: Hitting It Pure


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Cliff Notes
-You should learn the game from the green back to the tee. You learn to crawl, then you learn to walk, then you learn to run.  You learn small shots, then you learn bigger shots, then you learn full shots.

-It's critical to understand every shot has a target and therefore a target line. Everything you do must have a relationship to the target line.

-To really hit a controlled, pure shot you need to swing, turn, shift in the backswing then shift, turn, swing in the downswing.

-It's important to keep your grip pressure constant from start to finish.

-A good quote to remember for the full swing is 'feel the force, not force the feel.'

Martin’s Library
'The Touch System for Better Golf' by Bob Toski

Homework Assignement
-Crawl, Walk, Run
-Develop a Shift

Next Week’s Show
Chapter 20: Guide to Proper Practice (August 1, 2012)
-Martin will teach the five feedback friends that can help you improve quickly when practicing
-Martin will share the practice secrets of eight of golf's greatest Major Champions
-Holly Sonder will help answer viewer questions throughout the show
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