Martin's Blog - Chapter 18: Short Game Secrets


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Cliff Notes
-When putting, pros get the ball rolling early while club players often have backspin on the ball. Hit it with very little loft at impact with the hands slightly ahead. Imagine rolling the ball like rolling a tire down the road.

-When chipping, minimize club face rotation back and through, not square to the target line but square to the plane. A good drill is place a circle at different distances away and practice landing the ball in it.

-The key to pitching is never swing across yourself. Always swing on plane, but not necessarily at your target line. If you want to change the distance and trajectory of your pitch you need to adjust your ball position, weight distribution and hand action.

Viewer Question (Facebook Exclusive)
Q: I simply cannot hit a ball on or off the tee without severely slicing it. I don't know what I'm doing and I've tried everything to fix it. Any help would be wonderful! (Noah LaFon)

A: Somewhere you have your face wide open. The obvious place to look is your grip, make sure it’s not too weak and make sure the heel pad of your glove is on top of the club at address. As you move the club away from the ball, try to keep the club face looking at the ball as long as you can in the backswing. If needed, have the feeling of hitting a top spin forehand in the downswing. This is often a really good thought to stop the slice.

Martin’s Library
'Every Shot I Take' by Davis Love III

Homework Assignement
-Get Better With Your Roll
-Never Swin Across Your Body

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