Martin's Blog - Chapter 17: Eliminating the Hook


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Cliff Notes
-A hook is a ball that curves way too far to the left and doesn’t finish on target, and it means your swing path is way to the right of where your club face is at impact.

-If you hook there are four places to look for correction. First, your grip may be too strong, your hands may be too far forward, the ball may be too far back or the face could be too open at address. Next is your backswing, and a hook would mean you have too much turn. At the top, make sure you haven't taken too big a backswing and the club isn't crossing the line. Finally in the downswing, make sure you're not going down the target line too long.

-Jack Nicklaus is a player that never finished left of his target under pressure. His tip for eliminating the hook was have the feeling of the right palm facing the sky after impact.

-A great drill for getting rid of the hook was influenced by the movie Jerry Maguire because it's time to 'show me the money'! Hold a bucket facing out, place or pretend there is a $100 dollar bill at the bottom of the bucket and swing it back and through keeping the opening of the bucket facing away from you as long as possible. Don't dump the money out of the bucket right after impact.

Martin’s Library
'The Hogan Way' by John Andrisani

Homework Assignement
-Get Your Setup Neutral
-Show me the money!

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