Martin's Blog - Chapter 9: Grip It Like a Pro


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Cliff Notes
-In regards to grip pressure, do not confuse a light grip for a loose grip. A light grip is good, a loose grip is bad.

-When strengthening or weakening your grip, do not twist your hands. Instead, open or close the club face then grip the club.

-Imagine gripping a samurai sword with the blade in your fingers. You have to make a swing without cutting your fingers. This will give you an image for the correct pressure and consistency to have.

-Interlock grip is best for control, baseball grip is best for distance and overlap is a compromise of both.

Martin’s Library
“Tiger Woods: How I Play Golf' by Stan Tiger Woods

Homework Assignment
-Work on the Grip Every Day
-Experiment with Different Putting Grips

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Chapter 10: Stick Your Approach (April 11, 2012)
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