Martin's Blog - Chapter 13: Hitting It Straighter


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Cliff Notes
-Hitting it straight is not that difficult. Hitting it straight and long enough that is difficult. You must swing at your target, create a center-face hit and have the club face square to the target line. To get extra distance you must add turn, weight shift and a folding of the right elbow and wrist.

-To hit the ball straighter, remember the two parallels. First, the club should be parallel to the ground and target line and over the toe line in the downswing. Second, the club should be parallel to the ground and target line and over the heel line in the follow-through.

-To eliminate faulty wrist action in your takeaway, cock the wrists up and start the backswing with the club shaft horizontal to the ground. Continue a normal swing from there.

Viewer Question (Facebook Exclusive)
Q: How do pros hit a three iron that only has a few feet of roll when it hits the green? (Peter Haught)

A: When they choose to they can hit it very high and the speed they swing at generates a lot of spin. Even for them, at a US Open where the greens are firm, they have trouble stopping the ball too. If you want to hit it higher, try staying behind the ball more.

Martin’s Library
“The Bertholy Method' by Paul Bertholy

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