Martin's Blog - Chapter 16: Eliminating the Slice


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Cliff Notes
Ball flight is the product of the direction you're swinging at impact in relation to the angle of the club face. The bigger the curve, the bigger the gaffe between the club and the face. Here are places in the swing to cure the slice.

1. Setup: Take your grip by your left leg and then put your right hand on the club from the right thigh.
2. Body Tilt: The lower your trail hip and shoulders are at address, the less likely you are to swing across your body.
3. Takeaway: Keep the toe of the club outside of the heel for a long time in the backswing and turn your back to the target.
4. Start Down: Keep the lines across your shoulders pointing to the right
5. Impact: Turn your watch to the ground through the impact zone and into the follow-through

Viewer Question (Facebook Exclusive)
Q: When I hit my driver, I have a tendency of hitting it low only about 5-10 feet off the ground. It hurts my distance, please help (Ernesto Gonzalez)

A: Sounds like you're taking the loft off the club at impact. Put the ball more forward in your stance, get the head more behind the ball at address and concentrate on staying behind the ball with your head in the downswing. Feel the right shoulder work more under the chin as you swing through the ball.

Martin’s Library
'Cure Your Slice Forever' by John Huggan

Homework Assignement
-Strengthen your grip
-Rotate your watch through the hit

Next Week’s Show
Chapter 17: Eliminating the Hook (June 6, 2012)
-Martin will share anti-hook tips used by some of the greatest players of all-time, such as Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Johnny Miller and Ben Hogan. One of them will be inducted into the Martin Hall of Fame
-Holly Sonder will help answer viewer questions throughout the show
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