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Tips for Playing the Wind
-The wind affects all shots on the course, even ones around and on the green. When chipping, keep the ball close to the ground by moving the ball back in your stance and stand closer to the ball. When putting, it is important to anchor yourself to the ground. Get a wide base with more weight on your front foot. Grip down the putter and move the ball further up in the stance. A great way to practice at home is with a fan to simulate the wind.

-Flighting the ball it is a game of opposites. To hit a high shot, you need to hit the lower part of the ball and vice versa. Divide the ball into four different quadrants; upper left, upper right, lower left and lower right. Focus on the different quadrants of the ball depending on what shot needs to be executed. For example, a high draw requires you to hit from the lower left to the upper right quadrant.

Viewer Question (Facebook Exclusive)
Q: I need to be able to keep my driver or 3-wood lower for those Open Championship conditions. Please show me how! (Scott Shaffer)

A: Stand closer to the ball and move the ball back in your stance. That will steepen the angle of attack. As you move the ball back, open your stance just a bit.

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