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Tips for Playing Like Ernie Els
Open Champion Ernie Els has one of the smoothest swings in the game. There are three main factors you must do to swing like The Big Easy:
1. Hinge - Els sets the angle between the lead forearm and the shaft as soon as he can. A drill for you to hinge your wrist like Ernie is stick a tee in the end of your grip and point the tee at the ball as soon as you can.

2. Hold - The Big Easy creates lag and holds the angle of the club and arm into the downswing and into impact. This is how he hits it so effortlessly long. A drill to hold the angle is grab the shaft near the head of the club and make some swings. You should get the sensation that all the hand activity happens on the front side of the ball.

3. Tempo - Els has the best tempo on the PGA TOUR. To get a good tempo grab two clubs, 6 and 7 iron work great, and swing the clubs at the same time. This is a tough drill but once you master the clubs staying about 6 inches apart throughout your whole swing your tempo and timing will improve.

Ernie Els improved his putting drastically when he switched to the belly putter. If you switch to a belly putter you do not automatically start sinking putts like Els. Here are some musts for using the belly putter. First, decide if you're a straight back & straight through putter or an arc putter. Straight back & straight through putters like Els stand closer to the ball while arc putters like Keegan Bradley stand a little farther away. Second, anchor the putter on the lead side of the belly button. This creates forward lean in the shaft and will help with the speed of the putts. Lastly, you must get fitted by a PGA Professional. Tell them if you are a straight back & straight through putter or an arc putter and they will hook you up with everything you need.

Next Week’s Show: Putting Special
-Michael Breed will leave the studio and head to the course to teach you how to read greens, improve your putting stroke and get fit to become a better putter
-Breed will show you some games to play on the practice green to make putting more fun
-Breed will answer viewer questions through the show
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