Hank Haneys Blog


I hope everyone enjoyed the first episode this year of the new Haney Project with Rush Limbaugh. I am going to be blogging about each episode to give everyone some further insight into the show and the filming of the show.

This year’s show is going to be fantastic and I am really excited about it. Our producer, Tom Farrell, has done a great job all three years with the Haney Project but this year’s show is going to be by far the best ever. One of the big improvements in the show is that we have filmed at some incredible locations thanks to the help of Mike Meldman and the Discovery Land Company.

Going into the show this year everyone, including myself, was wondering what Rush Limbaugh would be like to work with. Rush is obviously a legend in the entertainment business and opinionated, to say the least. I got a little insight into Rush the first time I played golf with him when I saw the logo on his golf ball and it said “never doubt me.” I must admit I wondered then whether I was going to be teaching Rush or he was going to be teaching me. As you could see in the first show though Rush is a great listener and I was pleasantly surprised what a good student he seemed to want to be. Sometimes people as iconic and powerful as Rush Limbaugh aren’t the greatest listeners, but Rush is different; he really is going to be a great student I think.

I analyzed Rush's game the first day just like I would any other student’s game: I first watched him on the range and then on the course. I had my observations and then listened to what he had to say about his game and his goals. Rush is no different than any other golfer in terms of what he needs to do to improve his game. First, he has to eliminate his terrible shots that are leading to penalty shots. Second, we need to make sure he can get the ball on the green in one shot when he is near the green. Last but not least, we need to eliminate his three putts.

This year’s show is really exciting for me because my wife Suzanne is on the show with me as are some of my friends. They will all be introduced in the next show that we filmed at Kukio, the Discovery Land Development in Kona, Hawaii. Make sure you watch and tell your friends about the show for us.

All the best.