Twenty - or 21 - Questions With Tim Hegarty


“Do you hear that sound?” Tim Hegarty’s trainer asks him. “The Pain Train is coming.”

During some recent downtime from the game, Hegarty has been working on his physical fitness. After admittedly getting a little lazy during the winter and early spring months while stationed in Orlando, Fla., he’s back in New York, back to exercising three times a week.

“He’s kicking my a**,” Hegarty said via phone Monday.

Hegarty is getting ready for a busy summer stretch. It begins Tuesday with U.S. Open local qualifying at Brae Burn Country Club in Purchase, N.Y. It will continue with an eGolf Professional Tour event in Southern Pines, N.C., next week and will run through a host of New York state tournaments. In the mix, there will also be some Nationwide Tour Monday qualifying and hopefully a start in mid-June at Congressional Country Club.

In preparation, and in addition to getting his butt kicked by his trainer, Hegarty has been practicing with swing coach David Glenz and working with sports psychologist Dr. Nick Molinaro.

“I’ve been obsessed with golf lately,” Hegarty said. “I can’t get my mind off it. I went to a wedding with my girlfriend and I brought a sandwedge and putter into the hotel. She thought I was crazy, practicing in our room.

“I’ve just got a real good attitude right now. I’m loving the game.”

Since Hegarty has been in prep mode for the last few weeks, and considering we’ll be reading plenty about his professional endeavors in the near future, we took time to get to know the 28-year-old a little bit better with 20 questions. Or 21. Whatever.

1. Favorite sports team? Jets. New York Jets

2. Favorite athlete? Chad Pennington.

3. Favorite golfer? Phil Mickelson.

4. Go-to shot? Slight draw.

5. Favorite club? Driver.

6. Ultimate foursome (no family)? Chad Pennington, Glenz, Ben Hogan.

7. Lucky charm? I have a St. Michael’s chain that my mom gave to me when I was 13. It’s only come off my neck one time, when I had to get an x-ray. It was even blessed at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

8. Favorite musician/group? Pearl Jam.Pearl Jam

9. Favorite golf course? Sleepy Hollow (in Scarborough, N.Y.).

10. Pre-round ritual? Get in my car and listen to music for five, 10 minutes to get my mind straight.

11. Most important influence in your career? My old man.

12. Actor you’d want to play you in a movie? (Leonardo) DiCaprio.Leonardo DiCaprio

13. Course you most want to play that you haven’t? Cypress Point … no, Pebble Beach.

14. Lowest score? 62 in the Met(ropolitan) Open at the Country Club of Fairfield (2008).

15. Favorite movie? “The Departed.”

16. Favorite book? Ben Hogan’s “Five Lessons of Golf.”Ben Hogan

17. Most memorable golf TV moment? Tiger Woods vs. Bob May in the PGA (2000).

18. You can live anywhere. Where? New York.

19. Greatest golf accomplishment? Shooting 62 at the Met (Go to 00:45 mark). It’s the third oldest Open golf tournament in the U.S. People like Hagen and Sarazen and Byron Nelson have won it and I have the tournament record. Pretty cool.

20. Ultimate career goal? Win the United States Open.

21. What one word describes you? Integrity. That’s the one word that was emphasized over and over again by my dad. That’s the way he is. You say you’re going to do something, you do it. It a real good mark of a real good man.