At Bandon Dunes consider a Sunday bag


BANDON, Ore. – While Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is one of the most popular golf destinations in the world, it’s also one of the most grueling, so you better come prepared. That means good rain gear and comfortable golf shoes. But one item that’s just as important, but often overlooked is your golf bag.

If you're taking a caddie you may not care about the comfort or features of your golf bag, but if you’re schlepping your own clubs at this walking-only resort, consider bringing a Sunday bag. I took Club Glove’s new 2.5-pounder for a 36-hole spin.

The concept of a Sunday bag is pretty simple: Less is more. Less weight and fewer pockets allow for a simple design that’s easy on the shoulders. It’s a small golf bag that’s light, portable and thanks to Club Glove, still very functional.

For starters, while most Sunday bags are short on pockets, the Club Glove has five large ones, which is plenty for all the items you’ll need to navigate these sandy dunes along the Oregon Coast.

Another feature that makes the Club Glove Sunday bag stand out is the Izzo backpack strap, which disperses the weight of your clubs evenly across your shoulders.

About the only thing this or any Sunday bag doesn’t have that you may need is a stand, but at a place like Bandon Dunes where the wind regularly blows 30 mph, you’re usually better off laying your clubs on the ground.

The four challenging golf courses at Bandon Dunes are enough to bring even the best golfers to their knees. So after you pack your waterproof rain gear and comfortable golf shoes, throw a Sunday bag in too. You’ll be glad you did.