Best golf resorts for couples


My wife and I (late 50s) would like to find a pressure free golf resort. We seem to panic if someone has to wait on us to hit a shot. Are there golf resorts that cater to couples play?
– Rick, Wichita, Kan.

Pretty much any golf resort with a spa will tell you they cater to couples and most of them deliver – especially the higher-end ones like Pinehurst, Kiawah (S.C.), Pebble Beach and Kohler (Wis.). If those are out of your price range, here are a few tips for enjoying your couples golf experience no matter where you play:

Choose tee times wisely – Remember that if you’re playing during high-demand hours like weekend mornings, it’s unlikely you’ll have the course to yourself. Consider asking the resort if they have a 9-hole rate and play in the late afternoon or evening when most of the die hards are long gone.

Keep up – Instead of worrying about the group behind you, pay attention to the one ahead. If you’re keeping up with them, there’s not a lot the group behind you can complain about.

Play a scramble – A really enjoyable and often overlooked format is a 2-person scramble. The basic concept is that you choose the best shot after each stroke, with each of you then playing again from that spot. It does wonders for pace of play and can be a lot more fun than hacking at your own golf ball all day.

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