Wacky weather at Scotlands best track


DORNOCH, Scotland -- Coffin and Hoggard didn't lose one match Sunday at Royal Dornoch, we lost two. The format originally was scheduled to be foursomes, but the team captains felt it would be a sin for players not to play their own ball around such a great track.
So we played fourball again and Hoggard and I were split. Neither was successful.
The round produced weather fit for all four seasons. It was warm when we began, rained heavily for a few holes beginning on the third, the wind blew up to 50 mph for a long stretch, then the temperatures dropped 15 degrees during the last three holes. Still a fantastic day and Dornoch quickly moved to the top of my list of favorite courses in Scotland.
Now it's off to spend the night at the Culloden House, with dinner at Castle Stuart, which is where we'll play our singles matches Monday morning to conclude the Writers Cup.